About Us

Sixteen years ago, we started as a small online supplier selling only natural stones. Today, we still sell natural stone as well as marble, granite, terrazzo and more.

Located in three regions, namely Cirebon, Jogja and Bali, which are supported by superior natural resources, it makes it easy for us to create quality recycled terrazzo floors.

about us

Terrazzo Terramix

Supplier of Terrazzo Tiles and Terrazzo Cast On Site

Terrazzo in Indonesia is showing its existence again after a long time being replaced by marble, granite and natural stone in popularity. In 2019 yesterday, terrazzo had become the biggest interior design trend and its role model.

Terramix as the official brand from a supplier of terrazzo which is managed independently by PT. D&W International produces various types of terrazzo products such as standard size terrazzo floors, terrazzo resin for table tops to cast terrazzo materials for making custom size terrazzo floors.

Our Profile

Currently, Terramix has representative offices in three regions, namely Cirebon, Jogja and Bali. The head office for Terramix is located in Cirebon, West Java. Meanwhile, the branch offices of Terramix are located in Sleman, Jogja and Jimbaran, Bali.

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