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To meet customer needs, Terramix always innovates to present product variants, both in motifs, colors and sizes.

Terrazzo Cast On Site is also Terramix’s superior product because the packaging is practical, easy to apply and can be customized.

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Variety of Terrazzo Concrete Mix

Once popular, terrazzo floors measuring 60x60cm produced by Terramix now come in various color variants. In addition, printed terrazzo tiles produced by Terramix can now be ordered in custom sizes, such as 29.6x30cm and 19.6×19.6cm.


Terrazzo Concrete Mix for Interior Design

Create stunning and durable flooring solutions for your space.


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Terrazzo Concrete Mix –
White Classic 01

Terrazzo Concrete Mix –
Rolled Oat

Terrazzo Concrete Mix –
Rose Gold

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